Joe S. Leonhardt – Co-Founder/Board Member

Joe Leonhardt holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Management and has over 20 years of leadership, sales management , admissions, enrollment management, high school marketing and consulting in secondary & post-secondary education.

Leonhardt is a vocal advocate for proprietary education, a speaker and author of several industry articles including the new leadership book: MPACT, Stepping-Stones for Aspiring Leaders making the Climb.

Brian Willett – Co-Founder

Brian holds an MBA and has over 9 years of direct sales, enrollment management, leadership, high school marketing, and consulting experience in the post-secondary education space.

With all of this experience, Brian has also served institutions as a consultant and trainer. Brian’s passion is personal development and growth, and these are the main motivators in everything he does.

Melodie Leonhardt – Director of Operations

Melodie is a veteran architectural designer, has been a long-time successful business operator and has served multiple Colleges and Universities at various levels of administration & operations. Leonhardt paves the way, along with the partners, for the culture and strategic planning of MPACT Group as well as the day-to-day operations as it relates to various channels of the company.

Dustin C. Hall – Web & Technology Consultant

Dustin has over 15 years experience in proprietary education and has held management positions in Admissions, Residence Life and Community Affairs. He has had the opportunity to teach as several colleges as well.

He is passionate about two things, for-profit education and entrepreneurship! Dustin is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of DCJM Global Designs Limited, a global leader in “Wow”.

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