MPACT Higher Education

MPACT Group is a full-service national mystery shopping provider. Our team of national mystery shoppers evaluate your school(s) from the experience of a prospective student. Currently, MPACT proudly serves both large and small groups and individual colleges across the US.

MPACT Group, Inc. provides the following mystery shopping and compliance targeted support services.

Evaluation of presentation skills, specific set processes, the campus tour, closing and follow-up (ALL RECORDED).

Integrity Compliance Shops

Competitive Shops

Campus Shops

Telephone Shops

Web Site Shops

Financial Aid Shops

Online Shops

All Mystery shopping services come with a narrative scored reporting system and are audio and/or video recorded. In addition, MPACT Group provides you with secure branded dashboards, analytical charts & graphs that help you identify trends and opportunities.

What makes MPACT Group’s mystery shopping different than everyone else? You have Admissions Experts and Sales Managers who design, manage, and evaluate the mystery shopping at your locations from start to finish. Finally, MPACT will always offer a high level of flexibility, deliver excellent value and affordable pricing to fit your budget. We are in this for the long haul at MPACT Group.

All mystery shop documents and processes can be tailored for your individual needs and specifications. This data is the most valuable tool an admissions director can us in developing an admissions representative and protecting an institution.


Ask about the MPACT Total Satisfaction Guarantee!